Welcome to Cap’n Blaine’s Blog

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my wild and wacky world. If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll remember that I used to have another blog with this name. Well, that blog fell into the hands of pirates, so to speak, and this is my attempt to resurrect what I can and begin anew. If you’re finding this site (and/or me) for the first time, Welcome Aboard.

This site is dedicated to all those who live with the idea that anything is possible. Adventure runs through your veins and you squeeze every ounce of pleasure from your life experiences. On these pages, you’ll find stories, photos and videos from many of my attempts to keep life interesting. You’ll find information on upcoming adventures that I’ve planned and an invitation to join me on many of them. And peppered throughout the site will be my continual encouragement to get out there and live like the main character in an action-packed movie. It’s your life – do something great with it.

Remember – I’m having to rebuild most of this site from scratch. Not only did I lose the data stored online – I had a laptop get swamped with sea water on an open ocean passage and lost the hard drive where most of the prior blog was stored.

For now – just buckle up and take a look around. With the way I live, it won’t take long to fill these pages!